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Champion Mindset: Part II of Podcast

Champion Mindset   Listen to this podcast with Dr. Eiring and learn some mental tools to help you build your mental game.   … [Read More...]

"brain activity" and overthinking

Can Anyone Really Stop Overthinking? Tools to Be ‘In Your Body’

In our drive to be happy we become unhappy --Jeff Foster Overthinking and Overdoing Many articles have been written about the need for balance in our lives. Current trends are to be … [Read More...]

8 Motivational Interviewing Questions to Ask as a Sports Coach

8 Motivational Interviewing Questions to Ask as a Sports Coach

For coaches who want to inspire athletes to perform better, using motivational interviewing questions is a useful skill to develop. Motivational interviewing is an approach used in counseling settings … [Read More...]

Suicide prevention awareness month

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness Month: Athletes Getting Involved

September is National Suicide Prevention Awareness month. More specifically, the week of September 9 to September 15 is National Suicide Awareness Week. World Suicide Prevention Day is September … [Read More...]

Mental Health: Athletes Take Leadership Role

Some of the most successful athletes are taking the lead on promoting awareness of mental health and encouraging others to talk about this topic. Athletes at many levels, from pro to Olympic, from … [Read More...]

body language

Body Language, Power Posing and Peak Performance: How Your Body Talks

We all communicate, whether we are talking or not.  This means your body posture is constantly "talking" to yourself and others. In fact, our "nonverbals" communicate more to other people than our … [Read More...]