The Power of Positive Thinking and the Road to Success

the power of positive thinking

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Do you ever wonder how some people manage to always stay so positive no matter what life throws their way? Does the phrase “try to be more positive” sound familiar you? It may sound easy to simply decide to be more positive, but it is actually harder than it looks. That is why we’ve prepared a guide to illustrate the power of positive thinking. We also included some tips and tricks on how to become a more positive person.
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What Is Positive Thinking and How Does It Work?

Positive thinking relates to your ability to train your mind and emotions to focus on the glass half-full and anticipate that good things will happen no matter how difficult the situation. But pay attention, this does not mean you refuse to acknowledge that life has its unpleasant situations. Just tackle them in a positive and productive way.
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Now let’s look at an example of what positive thinking can do. If two students are taking the same exam, but one of them is already thinking that she won’t pass it because he is not good enough, that means she is anticipating failure. Anticipating failure keeps your mind busy with negative thoughts which will lead to negative things actually happening to you. This will only materialize your fear. But what about the other student taking the exam? She visualized passing it and all of the rewards following it, so she focused on the positive. This led to her actually passing the exam. And this is how the power of positive thinking works.

Why You Should Consider the Power of Positive Thinking

Because it brings you happiness, energy, and success. Because it makes you focus on pleasant experiences, and who doesn’t want that? The benefits don’t stop at those related to the mind either. Even your health can benefit from you indulging in positive thinking.  You’ve probably already noticed that people tend to be drawn to those who are more positive and energetic. That is because you are also positively influenced by being next to a positive person.
Negative thinking is a primary contributor to stress. Research conducted on positive thinking has discovered many health benefits associated with being a positive person. Such benefits include lower depression rates, higher resistance to disease, increased life span, reduced risk of cardiovascular disease, and others. If you maintain a more positive outlook you can deal better with stressful situations, which minimizes the effects stress has on your body. In fact, stress is a necessary part of life and growth.
One simple visual health trick we practice is to place a sticky note up on the bathroom mirror that says,
i-am-healthy-85173951 then every morning there is a visual reminder of the health of your amazing body.  It places a focus on what is right within the body and contributes to your mind communicating with the immune system, thus building strength much like lifting weights builds strong muscles.
the power of positive thinking

Practice the Power of Positive Thinking – Tips and Tricks

Here a list with some activities and tips to help you practice the power of positive thinking:

  • Meditate or do yoga. Recent studies have shown that people who meditate or do yoga often tend to have a more positive approach to life. If you engage in meditation for a longer period of time, you will benefit from increased life purpose, an ability to seize the day, increased social support and mindfulness, and even a decrease in symptoms of illness.
  • Practice positive self-talk. This is a very important part of the power of positive thinking. If you are a person who would never say bad things to another person, why would you say those things to yourself? Be gentle and patient with yourself, not only with the people around you.
  • Change your thought pattern. If you usually say “I’m going to have a hard time learning for this exam” instead of “Learning for this exam is going to be difficult, but the reward is worth the effort”, then you need to change your thought pattern. Practice the power of positive thinking one word at a time.
  • Surround yourself with positive people. It really does stimulate your own positive thinking. Being around negative people will only drag you down into a pit of darkness. That is the last thing you want.
  • Take control of your own life and accept the responsibility that comes with it. Acknowledge the fact that no matter how hard a situation is, there is always something you can do to work through it. It may work the first time or it may not, but remember that the only way out is through.
  • Write about your positive experiences. Research shows that people who write about positive things happening in their life have an elevated mood and take fewer trips to the doctor.
  • Don’t forget to have fun. Nothing better than working for success. But working too much without taking the time to also enjoy yourself ca lead to burnout. So make sure you take an hour off every once in a while and try something new that brings you happiness.
  • Help people. Take the pressure off yourself sometimes and focus on helping others. Helping other people feel good will also make you feel much better – the power of positive thinking at its best.
  • Don’t forget to check yourself. Getting into the habit of positive thinking doesn’t happen overnight – and that’s ok. Remember to stop during the day and check if your thoughts are as positive as you would like them to be. If they are not, try to turn them away from negativity.

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