Simple Body Scan Meditation

Simple Body Scan Meditation

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Simple Body Scan Meditation
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Body Scan Meditation

yoga-medOne of the most common questions we hear from athletes and performers of all levels regarding meditation is, what is the best meditation to start with?
It can feel daunting to begin meditating, so we recommend starting with a simple 5 minutes body scan.

Why is the Body Scan Meditation The Best Place To Start?

This meditation assists your mind by putting a clear focus on the body rather than on useless mind chatter.  I hear athletes say that when they sit and try to meditation on just breath they fall asleep or their mind wanders. This happens to many people and it takes some discipline to keep moving your attention, on purpose, back to your breath.
But another option might be to do a body scan meditation as it can be easier to direct your attention to different sections of your body instead of your breath. When we have a directed focus for our thoughts, then there is less chance for the mind to wander to unhelpful thoughts. In addition, practicing the body scan meditation trains your mind to let go of stress in your body and this can be helpful in many places, even while you are waiting in line at a grocery store! We recommend you commit to practicing this guided meditation once a day for one week and then evaluate how you feel. Here are a few things to pay attention to during your week of this meditation:

  • How does my body feel?
  • What parts feel more relaxed?
  • Do I notice my mind chattering?
  • Do I calm the chatter when I refocus to my body?

Here is a guided 5 minute Body Scan Meditation:

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