How to Change Your Mindset – 6 Steps to Become the Better You

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Wondering how to change your mindset? Most of us begin to question this when realizing that having a fixed mindset stops us from achieving our goals. Developing the correct mindset is crucial for both our personal and professional growth. It’s time to get back on the right track using out tips on how to change your mindset.

What is a Mindset?

According to the Cambridge Dictionary, a mindset is “A person’s way of thinking and their opinions.”. The mindset can be either “fixed” or “growth”.
fixed versus growth mindset
Individuals with a fixed mindset tend to think that our intelligence, creativity, and character, are static. We either are or not good at something and we cannot change that.
On the other side, people with a growth mindset believe that our abilities are the result of our actions and that we can grow to be good at just about anything. A growth mindset is hungry for learning. It is convinced that human qualities can be cultivated rather than being inherent. This way of thinking does not let these individuals be discouraged by failures. Instead, they believe there’s a lesson to be learned from either good or difficult situations.
Sadly, most people have a fixed mindset. It is the most harmful, and it stops us from reaching our full potential. The good thing is, we can learn how to change your mindset and achieve happiness and peace of mind, along with more material things. Although we call it a “fixed” mindset, it is not cemented within us. You can change it if you want to. Once you change your mindset, everything else around you gets changes for the better. It is all within our power.

When Do We Know It Is Time to Change Our Mindset?

change mindset how to change your mindset
When looking for ways on how to change your mindset, it is a clear indication enough that you must turn things around. But there are other alarming signs:

  1. You surround yourself with negativity. When you see nothing positive in the things are people around you, it is time to make a change. Negative thoughts will never help us in any way although it is in the human nature to sometimes be negative.
  2. You put blame on others. You hold any anger or resentment within you and can’t let go. achieving emotional freedom can only be done when stopping to attack other people in our heads.
  3. You are eternally dissatisfied. Keeping yourself hung up on what you cannot change takes a stab at your happiness. But the reality is, we can only be happy if we appreciate what we have and want less.
  4. You live in the past. Life is to be lived in the present. If you catch yourself feeling nostalgic way too often, you should consider doing something about it. One cannot let the past steal the present and the future.
  5. You are constantly Most of the time, our worries are unjustified. Many people tend to exaggerate and create scenarios in their head where all their options seem to be bad ones.
  6. You complain all the time. Do you catch yourself complaining about both past and present situations? Needless to say, transforming yourself into a victim won’t ever help in developing those positive thoughts we all need to stay mentally healthy.

How to Change Your Mindset for the Best

successful person how to change your mindset
Learning how to change your mindset is not as hard as it may seem. Growing the right mindset is vital to getting what you want and succeed in both your personal and professional life.
Here are the best 6 tips on how to change your mindset:

  1. Examine your current mindset. Look within yourself and measure your belief-system. How happy are you with the way your beliefs are helping you grow as a person? Do they limit yourself? Try to identify what’s bad, what keeps you from moving forward, out of the past or the routine you are stuck in.
  2. Build a goal. You can’t free yourself from what’s keeping you in that one, harmful place if you do not have a clear picture of the direction you want to follow. Create a vision and break it into goals. Work on meeting that objective, and you will see your mind being reshaped.
  3. Find a role model. Looking up to someone is not about copying that person, but rather getting inspiration for your own development. Look at what successful people are doing, see how you can adapt those actions to meet your needs. Keep only what is relevant for you.
  4. Learn lessons. A growth mindset means turning failure into valuable lessons. Don’t think of a failure as a dead end. Great success can come right after the biggest disappointment in your life. if you read the biographies of globally known celebrities, you will see exactly what we are trying to point out. No matter how many time we fall, we can always pick ourselves up. Chances are, the person you choose as a role model, has experienced similar drawbacks as you. The main difference is it did not allow failure to rule over its life.
  5. Start small. Don’t set your goals too high, and don’t expect results right away. Trying to achieve too much in little time will only end up in disappointment and get you back to that awful fixed mindset you are trying to change. Doing less does not mean you won’t feel great while checking those “to do” items off your list.
  6. Keep your new mindset. After successfully mastering the ways on how to change your mindset, it is crucial you learn to keep it. Protect your growth mindset from both your negative thoughts and people who try to bring you down. You should constantly try to improve yourself and keep a positive attitude towards both good and bad. Remember, there will always be failure in our lives, but only we get to choose how to see them. Pick yourself up and don’t get discouraged no matter how bad you think you have it. Positivity goes a long way in putting you on the right track.


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