5 Tips for Being in the NOW

5 Tips for Being in the NOW

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5 Tips for Being in the NOW
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5 Tips for Being in the NOW

The only moment that matters is NOW. Now spelled backward is WON.
Being in the NOW means you have WON!

Tip #1



Have a reminder that consistently brings you into the moment.  For example, the watch in the picture is a great reminder to be here at the moment.  Other ideas: a colored shoelace, a rubber band around your wrist, apps that chime reminding you to breathe and be present( Breathe to Relax), a single painted fingernail, a note posted on your bathroom mirror.

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Eating Mindfully. Have one meal a day that you choose to eat slowly and taste your food, enjoy the aroma and textures, and notice swallowing. Leave all your social media items in another room or turn them off (television, computer, Facebook, snapchat, etc). Just eat. When your mind wanders bring it back to your food. If you are used to being done in 10 minutes try having one meal where you sit and eat for 20 minutes and just be aware or try eating a strawberry like the picture above!

 Tip #3

walkingWalk to one place and be fully present for the journey. Your mind can wander a million different places during your walk,  but practice bringing yourself back to the task at hand, which is just WALKING. Talk yourself through the steps if that helps. This is such good training for focus and every athlete needs focus. Laugh at yourself. Smile and just walk.

Tip #4

body-scan-meditation2Take two minutes each day to purposely scan your body for tension. Breathe into the spots where you feel the tension. Imagine releasing those spots that are tight. This is great training for mindfully choosing to relax your body. It also is a good reminder to learn where and how you build stress in your body. Releasing it daily helps your overall well-being. Breathe and release.

Tip #5

2014-11-26-gratitude2Be grateful for one thing at the end of each day.

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