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How to Motivate Yourself – 15 Effective Tips

How to motivate yourself when you’re not feeling it? What can motivate me when I’m stuck in a rut? We all have days or extended periods of time where we can’t seem to get moving and achieve our goals. … [Read More...]


How Do I Practice Mindfulness?

Practicing Mindfulness The first step of physical mindfulness training is practicing breathing on a daily basis.  This consists of sitting for 10 minutes and simply focusing on being aware of your … [Read More...]

team player passing ball

Being a Team Player: Three Important Qualities

Being a team player is important in any social situation, such as in a classroom or in a workplace, but it is certainly a requirement when it comes to being part of a team sport. Whether you are … [Read More...]

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4 Mental Tools to Manage Focus on the Playing Field

Athletes are constantly working on finding new ways to improve focus during practice and competiton. Learning how to increase focus and concentration is a vital part of an athlete’s training routine. … [Read More...]

benefits of meditaition

10 Benefits of Meditation You Need to Know

  Meditation has been the subject of many discussions or even controversies. Is it good? Should I do it? Is it useless? The following article contains valuable information about meditation and … [Read More...]

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Business Sport Psychology – How to Increase Staff Performance

Let’s take a look at how business sport psychology can benefit businesses. More and more sport psychologists are turning their attention to the world of business. They are trying to determine how to … [Read More...]