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the power of positive thinking

The Power of Positive Thinking and the Road to Success

Do you ever wonder how some people manage to always stay so positive no matter what life throws their way? Does the phrase “try to be more positive” sound familiar you? It may sound easy to simply … [Read More...]

performance anxiety woman running

Performance Anxiety and Tools For Managing It

Performance anxiety can occur in a variety of situations, such as in your first high school practice, a road race, and in game situations. Sometimes, it might be more commonly referred to as stage … [Read More...]

team player passing ball

Being a Team Player: Three Important Qualities

Being a team player is important in any social situation, such as in a classroom or in a workplace, but it is certainly a requirement when it comes to being part of a team sport. Whether you are … [Read More...]

Mindfulness Infographic about your A game.

Bringing Your A Game Every Time – Infographic

Every athlete questions themselves from time to time. Am I good enough? Did I train enough? Have I not performed well in the last game, match or meet? The bottom line is that the athletes that succeed … [Read More...]


How Do I Practice Mindfulness?

Practicing Mindfulness The first step of physical mindfulness training is practicing breathing on a daily basis.  This consists of sitting for 10 minutes and simply focusing on being aware of your … [Read More...]

woman lifting weights

4 Mental Tools to Manage Focus on the Playing Field

Athletes are constantly working on finding new ways to improve focus during practice and competiton. Learning how to increase focus and concentration is a vital part of an athlete’s training routine. … [Read More...]